Jacob Mayfield

About Me

     Last school year I determined I wanted to complete high school a calendar year early, so I took multiple summer school classes and received permission from my high school counselor. Motivated by my goal, I finished ranked 22 out of 620 my senior year (which was lowered by the online courses I took the previous summer). My first semester GPA was a 5.285 and my second semester GPA was roughly a 5.4 (calculations are still being done). Despite my early graduation, I still felt obliged to collect multiple college hours. I will be starting my Fall semester with a little over 3 semester worth of college hours. My hope is to transfer from Lonestar College to the University of Texas at Austin where I plan on majoring in Finance and minoring in English. After which I plan on applying to Law School where I hope to gain the skills and education required to one day become a litigator for a law firm..

Runner Up State Champion Public Forum Debate, Academic Tutor, Computer Specialist, Entrepreneur, and College Student